The Ghostwriter

The Ghostwriter


Ingredients: Bvumbwe BSP white tea*, jasmine pearl green tea*, & lavender flowers

* Contains caffeine - (~1/4 a cup of coffee)

Good for: Serenity, writing, and reading

Tastes like: Honey, wood, and delicate jasmine

Makes you feel like: Lounging around the house in a big white tee

Art by: Philly Bench

67 grams / 25 servings (1 tbsp per 8 oz water) 

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You Look Like You’ve Seen A Ghost

The Ghostwriter white jasmine tea.JPG

The Ghostwriter was made for a specific tea festival attendee in mind, and apparently it’s on the ball – it sold out at its debut!

When I worked at a tea house this one customer would come in every couple weeks and order a pot of Shu Mee white tea and read a book for the next couple hours. I thought it was interesting, because most people who came in ordered flavored teas and in general preferred an “in your face” taste. The Shu Mee, however, was almost the opposite. Very delicate, gentle taste that is a delight to sip over a long period of time, such as when you’re reading a book. I like that customer’s style and thought I’d make a tea for her, wherever she may be.

Instead of Shu Mee I sourced from Satemwa (same farm as Mo Rockin’ & Baked at the Lake). They make a white tea, Bvumbwe BSP. Bvumbwe refers to the local town and BSP refers the "Broken Special Pekoe" grading. According to Tealet, the fragmented leaves results in a more robust, full-flavored tea that infuses quickly. I think it’s an upgrade from the Shu Mee (which I enjoy) and makes for a pleasant tea when reading, writing, or lounging.

White teas are pretty subtle, so I made sure not to overpower the blend with jasmine. I liked making this tea, because I was able to use more jasmine pearls than Don’t Cramp My Style and Mellow My Mind, which are more for mellowing out than flavor. Jasmine is such a treat when handled properly and with a little bit of lavender it’s not only a best seller, but a best smeller!

The art was done by Philly Bench. Not much is known about him (or her?), but I think they’re from Philly (I mean look at that name). Is there such a thing as ghostwriters for paintings?


Vinyl Pairing: Aimee Mann - Mental Illness (2017)

This blend also was also made with Aimee Mann in mind, and not just because she’s a great songwriter... I find a white tea fits her angelic voice, as well as the images on Mental Illness (not to mention the cover) such as the goose snow cone from the opening track and the bride left at the altar in You Never Loved Me.

Further Listening: Lost in Space (2002); Magnolia - Music from the Motion Picture (1999)

The Ghostwriter white jasmine tea