Welcome to Craft Tea!

My name is Mike the Tea Guy. I used to travel the world, but now I make feel good herbal tea blends!

It all started by inviting friends over for vinyl & tea. The combination was ALWAYS warm and enriching! That's why I include a record recommendation for the full Craft Tea experience!

What to expect when you're expecting Craft Tea

Herbal tea blends that make you feel good and don’t taste bad! Handmade in Mt Airy by a down-to-earth guy who recommends vinyl records to pair with each tea. They’re pretty mellow and taste natural/earthy, because nothing is added besides the listed herbs/teas (i.e., no “natural flavoring,” or sweeteners). Sip peacefully knowing all ingredients are sourced from reputable botanical companies: Mountain Rose Herbs, Starwest Botanicals, & Frontier Co-Op.  Even if tea isn't "your cup of tea," these tins make for a great gift!

Not an herbal tea drinker? I recommend Clean Energy for those used to green tea; Campsite Vagabond for those who like smoky / black teas; Class Cat & Invasion of the Red Pandas if you like iced teas; Don't Cramp My Style if you like white teas or jasmine. Other than that... feel free to ask questions and recommendations to