Friend of the Devil

Friend of the Devil


Ingredients: Hibiscus flowers*, skullcap herb, astragalus root, damiana leaf, lemon balm leaf, holy basil leaf, sage leaf, rose petals, gotu kola herb, licorice root, rosemary leaf, and blue cornflowers

* Hibiscus is intercropped with peanuts & shell fragments are occasionally found

Good for: Joy and journeys of the mind

Tastes like: Fruity spice; Smoky, earthy, and juicy

Makes you feel like: A sunshine daydream!

Art by: Michael O'Brien

60 grams / 20 servings (1 tbsp per 8 oz water) 

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Friend of the Devil is a Blend of Mine

Friend of the Devil.JPG

Friend of the Devil is a blend I made based off of the Grateful Dead - mid-70’s Dead to be exact. One reason I wanted to make a Dead blend is simply to say, “Friend of the Devil is a blend of mine.”

This tea debuted at a Dead themed Funky Brunch at Ardmore Music Hall in April 2019. Like the Dead, it is jammy and earthy, courtesy of hibiscus mixing with herbs like sage, rosemary, and damiana. It was designed to make you feel like the stealie (the split skull cover of “Steal Your Face”), which is accomplished through a lot of skullcap. The good-natured vibe of the band and fans is represented with lemon balm - good for joy - and cornflowers and rose petals to imitate tie dye when looking at the loose leaf. Lastly, a sprinkle of licorice is added in nod’s to Jerry’s comparison of the Dead to licorice.


Vinyl Pairing: Grateful Dead - Blues for Allah (1975)

It’s no Workingman’s Dead (arguably the Dead’s finest LP), but Blues for Allah is a fun, jammy record that fits the vibe of this tea. The first three songs flow wonderfully into each other in smooth, transcendental fashion. Very groovy, Jerry.

Further Listening: Jerry Garcia – Garcia (1972); Lonesome Prison Blues (1982)