Baked at the Lake

Baked at the Lake


Ingredients: Cinnamon chips, Thyolo Moto black tea*, ginger root, & rose petals

* Contains caffeine (~1/4 cup of coffee)

Good for: A late night grounding

Tastes like: A bold, smoked & spiced blend

Makes you feel like: Chatting with friends at an obscene hour

Art by: Sarah Beahm

105 grams / 25 servings (1 tbsp per 8 oz water) 

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Loaded With Hits

baked at the lake smoky tea.jpg

I like unique things... I think they make life interesting. One of the more innarestin’ teas I’ve seen on my travels is Lapsang Suchong. I first acquired it in London based on its campfire smell. Smoked: Not. For. Everyone.

I think on its own it’s a little too strong and off putting for the mainstream market, so I wanted to make a blend  that appealed to more people, but still retained its uniqueness. I started with Thyolo Moto which already is a smoother Lapsang (not as harsh). With such an overpowering scent there’s only so few places to go with the blend… I went with bold ‘n spicy. Cinnamon, ginger, and rose petals to calm down the mix.

This is a late night black tea – something for the come down. This is what you drink post-celebration, such as a wedding, when it’s 1 a.m. (midnight), but you’re still catching up with old friends.  

The art is a straight lift from South Philly artist, Sarah Beahm. Years ago, Sarah had an art show at Square One, my favorite coffee spot when my girlfriend lived in the Gayborhood. I came for the coffee, but was blown away by Sarah’s art. I had never seen anything like it before – she sews into her paintings. There was one piece that caught my eye that night, but I didn’t have the money at the time to buy. When I was developing Baked at the Lake I immediately knew I wanted that piece representing the blend. It fits the mood of the tea perfectly.

velvet+underground (1).jpg

Vinyl Pairing: The Velvet Underground - Loaded (1970)

Loaded was Lou Reed’s answer to record execs who wanted nothing but hits. He delivered an album LOADED with hits. Truth be told, The Velvet Underground, is what I would recommend playing at 1 a.m. which you chat with friends, but the concept of Loaded fits the concept of the tea which is loaded with flavor.

Further Listening: The Velvet Underground (1969); Lou Reed - Coney Island Baby (1975)

baked at the lake smoky tea.jpg