Invasion of the Red Pandas

Invasion of the Red Pandas


Ingredients: rosehips, hibiscus flowers, goji berries, orange peel, lemongrass, peppermint leaf, raspberry leaf

Good for: Vitamin C & a caffeine-free morning boost

Tastes like: A sweet, tart, and zesty sample of lemongrass, hibiscus, and peppermint

Makes you feel like: A red panda munching on his morning snack!

Be cautious if you have a severe peanut allergy - hibiscus is intercropped with peanuts, so fragments of peanut shells are occasionally present.

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Fluffy 'n Cute


Designed after the world's cutest animal, Invasion of the Red Pandas is a playful blend that is fluffy, red, and cute!

The cover sums up the blend pretty well – colorful, fun, and zesty! Hibiscus, rose hips, peppermint, & lemongrass taste great and are excellent for overall health. Consider this a cure-all packed with vitamin C! Goji berries steal the show, though. Known as a superfood, they add sweetness and paint a pretty picture as a loose tea.  This tea is a great alternative for those who are sensitive to caffeine, but want a little pep in their step. It also makes for a refreshing, ruby red iced on a hot day!


Vinyl Pairing:  The Decemberists - Picaresque (2005)

One of my favorite records from college - the instrumentation is too darn pretty. Recorded in a church in the mid-aughts by Portland, indie-folk-pop rockers at a time in their career when they were striding high. Fantastic songs, including the 8 minute opus, "Mariner's Revenge Song." 

Further Listening: The Crane Wife  (2006)Bright Eyes - Cassadaga  (2007)

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