Cosmic Trip

Cosmic Trip


Ingredients: Schizandra berries, kava kava root*, suma root, rose hips, gotu kola herb, holy basil leaf, lemon verbena leaf, sage leaf, pau d’arco bark, skullcap herb, orange peel, and butterfly pea flower

* Do not mix with alcohol or medications affecting your liver

Good for: Chi and meditations

Tastes like: A spring garden; Sour, brisk, and earthy

Makes you feel like: You’re on a cosmic voyage to the moon!

Art by: Michael Keane

85 grams / 20 servings (1 tbsp per 8 oz water) 

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Never Look Down At What You Need To Do

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Cosmic Trip is a special tea. It was made as a one-night-only tea for a Steve Gunn show at Skyspace, a meditation spot in Chestnut Hill. I’m a big fan of Steve’s music and Skyspace is one of my favorite places in Philly, so needless to say, I had to make a tea for the event!

The blend is based off Steve’s music, as well as Skyspace, and ended up as my most cosmic tea to date. Steve’s music can take you for a mental ride, so I used a good dose of herbs that were good for the mind and soul - kava kava, schizandra berries, and holy basil - and combined them with head-clearing herbs, sage and gotu kola. Rose hips and orange peel enhance their effects - this is for those who like it STRONG!

I’m a big fan of Cantos de Lisboa, an album Steve made in Lisbon with Mike Cooper, so I added a couple of herbs with Portuguese roots (although really Brazillian) - pau d’arco and suma root. Lastly, given the nature of Skyspace - a holy space that changes color - butterfly pea flower was added to give this mental tea a little color.

Steve Gunn Gangloff Melodies for a Savage Fix.jpg

Vinyl Pairing: Steve Gunn & Mike Gangloff - Melodies for a Savage Fix (2013)

Perfect for the Skyspace event - hypnotic, psychedelic folk. Recorded as a jam session in Floyd County, Virginia. Featuring the droning sitar of Pelt member, Mike Gangfloff, and Steve Gunn following along on guitar. Great therapy session LP.

Further Listening: Way Out Weather (2014); Steve Gunn & Mike Cooper - Cantos de Lisboa (2014)

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