The Dirty Dozen (12 Teas for $99.99)

The Dirty Dozen (12 Teas for $99.99)


Can't decide on which tea to buy? Try them all!

There's no better deal than getting the whole collection for $99.99! No need for a coupon code! The price will automatically drop to $99.99 at checkout!

The Dirty Dozen is:

  1. Computer Eyes

  2. Clean Energy

  3. Sore Before

  4. Bummy Tummy

  5. Deep Sleep 9

  6. Mellow My Mind

  7. Campsite Vagabond

  8. Class Cat

  9. Don’t Cramp My Style

  10. Killah Bee Tea

  11. Invasion of the Red Pandas

  12. Graffi-Tea
    Please note: The Dirty Dozen Collection does NOT include limited edition teas! Please limit Dirty Dozen orders to one.

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