Mo Rockin' Tea

Mo Rockin' Tea


Ingredients: Thyolo roasted green tea*, spearmint leaves, & licorice root

* Contains caffeine - approximately 1/4 cup of coffee

Good for: A post-meal drink or afternoon pick-me-up

Tastes like: Sweet mint with a punch of green tea

Makes you feel like: Rockin’ out with Mo in Morocco!

Art by: UNCLEMUK, THEartist

70 grams / 25 servings (1 tbsp per 8 oz water) 

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More Rockin’ Than Mo Rockin’ In Morocco

mo rockin tea moroccan mint green tea.png

Another one of my favorite teas from my travelin’ days was Moroccan Mint. They drink it all day and when in Rome do as the Romans do…

It’s a pretty simple tea, but they nail it. Usually just spearmint, peppermint, and gunpowder green tea. I dropped the peppermint and added a tiny bit of licorice to represent the sugar that is typically added to the tea (I don’t typically add sugar to my tea, but like I said, when in Rome…). Fun fact: You may notice two teapots next to each other in Morocco – one with a tassel, one without. The tassel means there’s sugar in the pot!

Instead of the traditional gunpowder, I opted for Satemwa’s roasted green tea. It’s their take on a Chinese green tea and it is pretty darn smooth. Paired with spearmint it makes a delicious, fragrant drink.

The art for Mo Rockin’ Tea was done by UNKLEMUK, THEartist, an interesting artist I met serving tea at an art show in Mt Airy. He’s young and I really dig his style. If I had to describe it, I’d use the phrase, “psychedelic warlords of the apocalypse.” Very colorful, graphic, and well, Metal. I thought given the attitude of the tea (it is mo rockin’, after all), Muk would be perfect for the job and he did not disappoint.


Vinyl Pairing: Grant Green - Green is Beautiful (1970)

Grant Green is a gift to vinyl. Super clean guitar tone, with similar style to Wes Montgomery. There’s heavier records (Idle Moments is a jazz classic), but this album suites the clean taste of the tea and keeps it upbeat. Side 1 is two killer songs - Ain’t It Funky and a notable cover of The Beatles’ A Day in the Life.

Further Listening: Idle Moments (1965); Nigeria (1962)

mo rockin tea moroccan mint green tea.png