Mellow My Mind

Mellow My Mind


Ingredients: kava kava root*, jasmine pearls green tea**, passionflower herb, lemongrass, skullcap herb, damiana leaf, chamomile flowers, lemon balm leaf, lavender flowers

* Do not mix with alcohol or medication affecting your liver

** Contains caffeine (~1/4 cup of coffee)

Good for: Feeling good ‘n giddy; nourishing your nerves

Tastes like: A clean, earthy, and herbaceous mix

Makes you feel like: A beach bum making snow angels in soft sand

Art by: Billi French

60 grams / 36 servings (1.5 tsp per 8 oz water) 

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Baby, Mellow My Mind

mellow_my_mind tea

Mellow My Mind is a very special tea. Many moons ago, Enoch “The Tree Man” Rowe asked me to sling tea at a New Retro show. It’s hard to say no to the Tree Man, so I began crafting a tea applicable to the New Retro brand. It wasn’t hard- I managed those funky fellas for four years - I knew them well.

This is some funky tea. Headed by kava kava, but backed up by passionflower & skullcap, this trio lets you experience the band in all its funky glory. The New Retro is more than just funk though… They’re powerful and masculine, hence the empowering aphrodisiac, damiana. Damiana smells like “spice” – a/k/a “fake weed.” As unappealing as that sounds, throw in lavender & jasmine and voilà - you’ve got yourself a real crowd pleaser!

With so many instruments going on you need something to hold it all together–lemongrass & lemon balm. These lemonheads enhance the effects & benefits of all the herbs, harmonize the flavor, and add freshness to the tea! Throw those herbs together in a big ol’ pot… you’ll have yourself some funky tea!

on the beach.jpg

Vinyl Pairing: Neil Young – On the Beach (1974)

Part of Young’s ditch trilogy, On the Beach finds Neil dealing with the weight of fame (“I need a crowd of people, but I can’t face them day to day”). Rather than following the same formula of “Harvest,” his #1 record of 1972, Neil decided to head to a ditch where he’d “find more interesting characters.” This dark era was baffling at the time, but is now considered a career highlight. In particular, side 2 of On the Beach is perhaps the best side of any Neil record.

Further Listening: Live at Massey Hall 1971 (2007); Neil Young & Crazy Horse - Sleeps With Angels (1994)

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