Kongo Bongo!

Kongo Bongo!


Ingredients: rooibos, cacao nibs*, kava kava root**, lemongrass, pau d’arco bark, gotu kola herb, passionflower herb, spearmint leaf, skullcap herb

* Contains a fraction of caffeine.

** Do not mix with alcohol or medications affecting your liver.

Good for: Jamming & drumming; loose muscles & relaxed nerves; memory & cognition

Tastes like: A smooth swing through the jungle!

Makes you feel like: A funky monkey!

Art by: Alyssa Shea

78 grams / 36 servings (1.5 tsp per 8 oz water) 

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Jungle Beat!

Kongo Bongo drum tea.JPG

Developed as a Philadelphia Drum & Percussion exclusive. A tea for drummers. Calms nerves, relaxes muscles, and helps with memory & focus. The pairing of lemongrass with rooibos produces a refreshing drink that fits well with a hot summer jam!  


Vinyl Pairing: Fela Kuti & Ginger Baker - Live! (1971)

Fela's Afro-Funk band is joined by drum legend from Cream, Ginger Baker. Easy record to get lost in.

Further Listening: Expensive Shit (1975); Zombie (1977)

Kongo Bongo drum tea