Clean Energy

Clean Energy


Ingredients: Yerba Mate Leaf, Spearmint Leaf, Lemongrass, Lemon Balm Leaf, Suma Root, Gotu Kola Herb

Good for: Energy & fatigue, the brain & the body, lifting spirits

Tastes like: Refreshing & clean mate - lemon spearmint with smoky power root in the background

Makes you feel like: Breaking blocks!

Parental Advisory: Contains caffeine (~1/4 that of a cup of coffee)

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Lean, Green, Driving Machine!


Anyone’s who’s ever been in a L.D.R. (long distance relationship), knows the feeling of travelling to their loved one while running on fumes. The stuff sold on the turnpike will keep you up, but too much will lead to a crash… I wanted a drink that kept me alert, but made me feel fresh and clean. The combination of yerba mate, lemongrass, and spearmint worked well for me!

Yerba mate is a powerful brain and body tonic typically drunk socially in South America. I can attest to the strength from my experiences working down in Argentina. The locals would eat dinner at midnight, go to the club at 2 a.m., and still manage to show up to work in the morning!

Now mate’s taste by itself is not for everyone… It’s rather bitter, so I like to pair it with the zesty-mint flavoring of lemon balm, lemongrass, and spearmint. The result is clean, robust, and earthy.

Clean Energy works on a deep level to battle fatigue, but also assists in breaking mental blocks. Whenever my mind is in a fog, a cup of gotu kola & suma gives me the refreshing revamp I need!

can tago mago.jpg

Vinyl Pairing: Can - Tago Mago (1971)

Krautrock from the 70’s. Precise & progressive freak-rock playing over a constant, driving beat. Excellent driving music. Side 2 is entirely dedicated to “Halleluwah,” a monstrous 18 minute jam full of machine gun rhythm.

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