Bummy Tummy

Bummy Tummy


Ingredients: ginger root, lemongrass, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers

Good for: Digestion, relaxation, and serenity

Tastes like: Ginger-lemongrass with chamomile and a touch of lavender

Makes you feel like: A hedgehog is rubbing your tummy and telling you everything’s gonna be alright!

Art by: Billi French

78 grams / 36 servings (1.5 tsp per 8 oz water) 

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A Little Kick

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A ginger-lemongrass digestion tea from the Craft Tea Archives. One of my earliest blends that was recently reinstated to the Dirty Dozen. Simple, but pleasing. Comforting and one of the most potent aromas at Craft Tea. 


Vinyl Pairing: The Kinks - Arthur (or The Decline and Fall of the British Empire) (1969)

Another brilliant concept record from Ray Davies. The Kinks' musicianship is top-notch on this one. Several songs feature powerful twists and turns and unfold beautifully, such as Australia, Shangri-La, and Yes Sir, No Sir.

Further Listening: Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part One (1970); The Village Green Preservation Society (1968)

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